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November 2017 Devotional: Prayer Thoughts - Continued

From: The Word for You Today

Submitted By: Lisa Williams

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 NIV

It takes time but eventually sheep grow familiar with the voice of their shepherd and learn to trust him for everything they need. So how can you become equally familiar with the voice of God? Here are a few ideas:

1) Give God your whispering thoughts. Through the centuries Christians have learned the value of brief sentence prayers. These are prayers that can be whispered anywhere, in any setting. Frank Laubach sought unbroken communion with God by asking him questions. Every two or three minutes he would pray “Am in in your will, Lord? Am I pleasing you, Lord?” Imagine considering every moment as a potential time of communion with God. By the time your life is over you will have spent six months at stoplights, eight months opening junk mail, a year and a half looking for lost stuff, and a whopping five years standing waiting in various lines. Why don’t you give these moments to God? By giving him your whispering thoughts, the common becomes uncommon. Simple phrases such as “Thank you, Father”, or “I stand on Your Word”, or “My desire is to please You” can turn a commute into a pilgrimage. You don’t need to leave your office or kneel in your kitchen. Just pray where you are. Let the kitchen become a cathedral and the classroom a chapel.

2) Give God your waning thoughts. At the end of the day let your mind settle on Him. Conclude the day as you began it – talking to God. Thank Him for the good parts. Question Him about the hard parts. Seek His mercy. Seek His strength. As you close your eyes, take assurance in the promise, “He who watches over [you] will never slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:4). If you fall asleep as you pray, don’t worry. What better place to doze off than in the arms of the Father.

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