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North County Believers

In response to a call to our chapter from a North County High School guidance counselor, the North County Believers Program was born. The aim of this program is to reinforce the school"s efforts to encourage regular attendance, improve academic performance, and to develop an outlook toward future educational pursuits among these students.

For the past four years, NACAC members have met with female students in grades 9 through 12 on alternating Friday mornings during the school year. The program employs a mini-workshop format to address health and nutrition, interpersonal skills development, as well as study habits, class participation, and planning ahead for college and careers.

Mentors ask each participant to complete the Student Self-Reflection form and attend the Report Card Conference; a one-on-one meeting with a mentor to discuss grades for each marking period. These tools enable individual students to gage their progress toward academic success. Participants receive a certificate of recognition for every achievement, great and small.

Since the beginning of the program, participation has grown from around 25 girls per session to nearly 65; of whom, many are seniors who entered the program as 9th graders!

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